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Cover of Women Against Slavery

Women Against Slavery The British Campaigns, 1780–1870

  • Published: 25 May 1995
  • DOI: 10.4324/9780203645314
  • Print ISBN: 9781138142824
  • eBook ISBN: 9780203645314

This comprehensive study of women anti-slavery campaigners fills a serious gap in abolitionist history. Covering all stages of the campaign, Women Against Slavery uses hitherto neglected sources to build up a vivid picture of the lives, words and actions of the women who were involved, and their distinctive contribution to the abolitionist movement. It looks at the way women's participation influenced the organisation, activities, policy and ideology of the campaign, and analyses the impact of female activism on women's own attitudes to their social roles, and their participation in public life. Exploring the vital role played by gender in shaping the movement as a whole, this book makes an important contribution to the debate on `race' and gender.


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    Front Matter
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    Anti-Slavery and Women: Challenging the Old Picture
  • Women Against the Slave Trade, 1783–1815
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      Participants from the First
  • Women Against British Colonial Slavery, 1823–1838
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      ‘Cement of the Whole Antislavery Building’
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      Anti-Slavery in the Fabric of Women’s Lives
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      Perspectives, Principles and Policies
  • Women and ‘Universal Abolition’, 1834–1868
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      The Transatlantic Sisterhood
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      The ‘Woman Question’
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      A Lingering Concern
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      Anti-Slavery and Women: A New Picture
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    Back Matter