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Cover of Women and the First World War

Women and the First World War

  • Published: 27 Aug 2002
  • DOI: 10.4324/9781315838076
  • eBook ISBN: 9781315838076

The First World War was the first modern, total war, one requiring the mobilisation of both civilians and combatants. Particularly in Europe, the main theatre of the conflict, this war demanded the active participation of both men and women.

Women and the First World War provides an introduction to the experiences and contributions of women during this important turning point in history. In addition to exploring women’s relationship to the war in each of the main protagonist states, the book also looks at the wide-ranging effects of the war on women in Africa Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Topical in its approach, the book highlights:

the heated public debates about women’s social, cultural and political roles that the war inspired their varied experiences of war women’s representation in propaganda their roles in peace movements and revolutionary activity that grew out of the war the consequences of the war for women in its immediate aftermath

Containing a document section providing a wide range of sources from first-hand accounts, a Chronology and Glossary, Women and the First World War is an ideal text for students studying the First World War or the role of women in the twentieth century.


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    Front Matter
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  • Experiences of War
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      The War Begins: Propaganda, Recruitment and State Support of Families
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      Women’s War Work: Remunerative, Voluntary and Familial
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      Women in the Line of Fire
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      Morale, Morality and Sexuality
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      Pacifism, Dissent and Revolution
  • Effects of War
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      Assessing the Consequences of the War for Women
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    Back Matter