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Cover of Women Artists and Writers

Women Artists and Writers Modernist (im)positionings

  • Published: 8 Sep 1994
  • DOI: 10.4324/9781315800301
  • Print ISBN: 9781138155596
  • eBook ISBN: 9781315800301

In this provocative and richly interdisciplinary study Bridget Elliott and Jo-Ann Wallace reappraise the literary and artistic contribution of women to modernism and in particular the self representation and construction of artistic identity. Taking a comparative case study approach, the authors examine the ways in which women, including Natalie Barney, Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell and Gertrude Stein responded to modernism, and the manner in which their work has been positioned in relation to that of men.

Women Artists and Writers makes an important contribution to twentieth-century cultural history, and puts forward a powerful case against the academic ‘disciplining’ of cultural production into departments of Art History and English Studies which has served to marginalize the work of female modernists. This book will be essential reading for all women’s studies specialists and anyone interested in the cultural production of art and literature.


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    Front Matter
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    Whose Modernism?
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    Fleurs Du Mal or Second-Hand Roses?: Natalie Barney, Romaine Brooks, and the “originality of the avant-garde”
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    Professionalism, Genre and the Sister(s’) Arts: Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell
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    The Making of Genius: Gertrude Stein and Marie Laurencin
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    Mediating Modernism: Djuna Barnes and Nina Hamnett
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    Conclusion: Enabling strategies
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    Back Matter