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Cover of Women in Higher Education, 1850–1970

Women in Higher Education, 1850–1970 International Perspectives

  • Published: 1 Jan 2016
  • DOI: 10.4324/9780203795651
  • Print ISBN: 9780415858045
  • eBook ISBN: 9780203795651

This edited collection illustrates how women’s lived experiences in academe could be diverse but in some ways historically and culturally similar. It looks at both the micro-level (individual women) and macro-level (universities and higher education systems) within community, regional, national, transnational, and international contexts.

The contributors integrally advance knowledge about the university in history by exploring the intersections of the lived experiences of women students and professors, practices of coeducation, and intellectual and academic cultures. Important questions are raised about the complementary and multidirectional flow and exchange of academic knowledge and information among gender groups across programs, disciplines, and universities.

Critical historical inquiry and interpretation effectively promote understandings of contemporary events and discourses in higher education, and more broadly in community and society. This book provides important historical contexts for current debates about the impact and significance of women in higher education, and the tensions embedded in the gendering of specific academic programs and disciplines, and in university policies, missions, and mandates.


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    Front Matter
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    Introduction By E. Lisa Panayotidis; Paul Stortz
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    Gender, Subjectivity, and Lived Experience in University Education in Ireland, 1850–1910 By Judith Harford
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    Imperial Ideals: Women in Scotland's Universities and the British Empire By Christine D. Myers
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    The Final Barrier? Australian Women and the Nineteenth-Century Public University By Julia Horne
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    Becoming Undergraduates: Women and University Culture in Nineteenth-Century Canada By Sara Z. Burke
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    Intellectual Women, Social Science, and Political Power: Municipal Feminism and Reform at the London School of Economics, 1895 to 1960 By Jane Martin
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    Journeys Toward a Gentleman's Education: International Fellowships and Bryn Mawr College Students, 1900–1930 By Jennifer Redmond
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    On the Margins? The Intellectual Community of Home Scientists at the University of New Zealand, 1911–1961 By Tanya Fitzgerald
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    "Feverish Frolics of the Frivolous Frosh": Women's Cultures of Initiation in Western Canadian Universities, 1915–1935 By E. Lisa Panayotidis; Paul Stortz
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    From Happy Homes to Contaminating Cloisters: Women's University Communities in Interwar Britain By Ann McClellan
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    Korerotia Mo Nga Paake: Māori Women Educators Speak By Kura Marie Taylor; Kay Morris Matthews
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    "Honorary Men" and Incidental Students: Women in Post-World War II American Higher Education, 1945–1970 By Linda Eisenmann
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    Back Matter