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Cover of Women's History Review

Women's History Review

Volume 22, Issue 4, Aug 2013
Pages 576-590

  • DOI: 10.1080/09612025.2012.751768
  • Print ISSN: 0961-2025
  • Online ISSN: 1747-583X

Gendering the Historiography of the Suffragette Movement in Edwardian Britain: some reflections

The historiography of the British women's suffrage campaign is contested ground. This article, written by a feminist historian, contributes to the debate by offering some reflections on the writing of the history of the suffragette movement in Edwardian Britain during the twenty years or so that it has been the focus of her research. In particular, it critiques the gendered ‘masculinist’ approaches to the writing of the suffragette pasts and discusses some of the public and private debates that the author has been engaged in, when challenging such perspectives.