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Politics and Law

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the one acknowledged right of every woman was to be passed safely from the care and control of…

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Women's History Review

Emma Brooke: Fabian, feminist and writer

Largely overlooked in Fabian historiography and absent from major works of biographical reference, Emma Brooke (c1844-1926) was an early Fabian and successful novelist whose analysis…

Women's History Review

Women resisting the vote: a case of anti feminism?

The resistance of women to the vote is often regarded as a form of anti-feminism, particularly when it has its roots in an attachment to…

Feminism and Women’s Work, 1776–1928

This article surveys the emergence of work as a key priority for feminism, as it developed from early roots in the late eighteenth century, through…

Men and the Women’s Movement

A number of men in nineteenth-century Britain and the United States were supportive of the women’s movement. The essay discusses men such as William Thompson,…

Notable Figures in Nineteenth-Century Feminism

This essay argues that feminist gains in the nineteenth century were frequently driven by the leadership of notable figures, men as well as women. Beginning…

Prostitution and the Contagious Diseases Acts

The Contagious Diseases Acts (1864, 1866, 1869) were introduced in order to combat the high incidence of sexually transmitted disease in the British Army and…

Sexuality (1880–1928)

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was vibrant debate among feminists about the way in which male and female sexual behaviour was…