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Literature and Writings

A key premise of feminist literary criticism is that gender and sexuality play a significant part in determining how texts were and are written, distributed,…

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Women's Writing

Felicia Hemans's Feminist Poetry Of The Mid 1820S

During the mid 1820s, Felicia Hemans became an ardent, if conflicted, feminist who wrote two long poems and several shorter ones in which she railed…

Women's History Review

Feminist biography and feminist history

This article seeks to explore the relationship between biography and the many new developments evident in feminist history. Taking as its particular focus the history…

Women's Writing

The “New Woman” Fiction and Fin‐de‐Sièck Feminism

This paper deals with a popular fin‐de‐sièck genre which reflected and fictionalized contemporary debates on the New Woman. In reclaiming the much‐berated notion of propaganda…

Women's Writing

Victorian feminism and the ghost of Mary Wollstonecraft

Victorian feminists rarely mentioned Mary Wollstonecraft and when they did attempted to distance themselves from her rather than to claim any connection with her. This…

Women's History Review

Women resisting the vote: a case of anti feminism?

The resistance of women to the vote is often regarded as a form of anti-feminism, particularly when it has its roots in an attachment to…