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Movements and Ideologies

Feminism’s longstanding concern with achieving rights and equalities for large numbers of women has encouraged women who self-identify as feminist to work collectively to achieve…

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Women's History Review

Anarchism and feminism: a historical survey

This article discusses a double paradox: first, that the anarchists, so proud of their genuine commitment to anti-authoritarian politics, were yet so blind to the…

Women's History Review

Feminist biography and feminist history

This article seeks to explore the relationship between biography and the many new developments evident in feminist history. Taking as its particular focus the history…

Oxford Review of Education

Feminist thinking on education in Victorian England

This article examines some of the conversations that took place between women’s rights advocates on the subject of female education. The relationship between Victorian feminism…

Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Frances Wright: The other woman of early American feminism

This paper focuses on Frances Wright, the first woman to lecture publicly in the U.S. to “promiscuous” audiences, those audiences composed of both sexes united…