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Women's History Review

Feminist biography and feminist history

This article seeks to explore the relationship between biography and the many new developments evident in feminist history. Taking as its particular focus the history…

Feminism and Women’s Work, 1776–1928

This article surveys the emergence of work as a key priority for feminism, as it developed from early roots in the late eighteenth century, through…

Notable Figures in Nineteenth-Century Feminism

This essay argues that feminist gains in the nineteenth century were frequently driven by the leadership of notable figures, men as well as women. Beginning…

Sexuality (1880–1928)

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was vibrant debate among feminists about the way in which male and female sexual behaviour was…

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Women in Public 1850-1900 Documents of the Victorian Women’s Movement

Assembling a full and comprehensive collection of material which illustrates all aspects of the emergent women’s movement during the years 1850-1900, this fascinating book will…

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The Feminists Women's Emancipation Movements in Europe, America and Australasia 1840-1920

Originally published in 1977, this book brings together what is known about liberal feminist and socialist movements for the emancipation of women all over the…

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Women in Movement Feminism and Social Action

First published in 1992, this book is an historical introduction to a wide range of women’s movements from the late eighteenth-century to the date of…

Political Women The women’s movement, political institutions, the battle for women’s suffrage and the ERA

Under what conditions are political elites responsive to social movements, and when do social movements gain access to political elites? This book explores this question…

Rethinking American Women’s Activism

In this enthralling narrative, Annelise Orleck chronicles the history of the American women’s movement from the 19th century to the present. Starting with an incisive…

Votes for Women

The women’s suffrage movement is central to any study of gender and political history. Votes for Women provides an innovative and unrivalled re-examination of the…

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‘Deeds, Not Words’ Daily life in the Women’s Social and Political Union in Edwardian Britain 1

Women’s Suffrage in the British Empire Citizenship, nation, and race

This volume explores the politics of women’s suffrage from the age of empire to the eve of decolonization. Leading international scholars analyze suffrage movements in…

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“Racial poison” Drink, male vice, and degeneration in first-wave feminism