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The Woman Movement Feminism in the United States and England

This unusual book traces the development of the feminist movement in America and, to a lesser extent, in England. The comparison between the movements is…

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Sex and Class in Women's History Essays from Feminist Studies

The essays collected in this volume reflect the upsurge of interest in the research and writing of feminist history in the 1970s/80s and illustrate the…

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The Lamp of Beauty A Sermon Preached by the Rev. W. Forster, in the Free Christian Church, Clarence Road, Kentish Town. On October 12th, 1856. To Young Women.

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The Nineteenth-Century Woman Her Cultural and Physical World

This collection of papers draws on insights from social anthropology to illuminate historical material, and presents a set of closely integrated studies on the inter-connections…

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The Sexuality Debates

First published in 1987. From the 1870's to the 1920's, feminists actively campaigned against men's sexual abuse of women. This collection brings together the major…