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Women in World History Readings from 1500 to the Present

This work is one of two volumes presenting selected histories from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. It discusses issues within a female context and…

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Africa The Colonial Legacy

Routledge Handbook on the Global History of Nursing

The Routledge Handbook on the Global History of Nursing brings together leading scholars and scholarship to capture the state of the art and science of…

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Engendering Health Pronatalist politics and the history of nursing and midwifery in colonial Senegal, 1914–1967

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Borderlines Genders and Identities in War and Peace, 1870–1930

Borderlines weaves together the study of gender with that of the evolution of nationalism and colonialism. Its broad, comparative perspective will rechart the war experiences…

Women’s Activism Global Perspectives from the 1890s to the Present

Women’s Activism brings together twelve innovative contributions from feminist historians from around the world to look at how women have always found ways to challenge…

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Transnational mentoring The impact of Sarojini Naidu’s 1924 visit to South Africa on Cissie Gool and women’s leadership 1

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Winifred Holtby’s Social Vision ‘Members One of Another’

Winifred Holtby (1898-1935) is best-known today for her friendship with fellow feminist and pacifist Vera Brittain and for her last novel, South Riding. This is…

Women’s Suffrage in the British Empire Citizenship, nation, and race

This volume explores the politics of women’s suffrage from the age of empire to the eve of decolonization. Leading international scholars analyze suffrage movements in…

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Volume 1. Suffrage

‘Why should not woman seek to be a reformer?’ asks Lucretia Mott in her 1849 address, ‘Discourse on Woman.’ This volume contains a selection of…