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Volume 1. 1870-1880

Ouida (1839–1908) [Marie Louise de la Ramée], Ouida [Marie Louise de la Ramée], Folle-Farine (London: Chapman & Hall, 1871), vol. 2, bk 3, pp. 3–41;…

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Volume 1. Suffrage

‘Why should not woman seek to be a reformer?’ asks Lucretia Mott in her 1849 address, ‘Discourse on Woman.’ This volume contains a selection of…

Volume 1. Writing for the Vote

When Virginia Woolf invited Elizabeth Robins to a performance of Ibsen’s The Master Builder in the latter’s later years, Robins apparently demurred, protesting, ‘I’m Hilda.…

Volume 2. 1880s and 1890s

Lucy Crane (1842–82), Lucy Crane, Art and the Formation of Taste, Six Lectures by Lucy Crane (London: Macmillan &Co., 1882), ‘Introductory’, pp. 1–49, Lucas Malet…

Volume 2. Elizabeth Carter

Our knowledge of the life and works of Elizabeth Carter – poet, translator, essayist, Greek scholar, letter writer and prominent Bluestocking –owes a great deal…