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Socialist Women Britain, 1880s to 1920s

This fascinating new study examines the experiences of women involved in the socialist movement during its formative years in Britain and the active role they…

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The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain and Ireland A Regional Survey

In this comprehensive study, Elizabeth Crawford provides the first survey of women's suffrage campaigns across the British Isles and Ireland, focusing on local campaigns and…

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Votes for Women

The women’s suffrage movement is central to any study of gender and political history. Votes for Women provides an innovative and unrivalled re-examination of the…

Women and Work in Britain since 1840

The first book of its kind to study this period, Gerry Holloway's essential student resource works chronologically from the early 1840s to the end of…

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Eleanor Marx (1855–1898) Life · Work · Contacts

Karl Marx's youngest daughter Eleanor (1855-98) is one of the most significant figures in the cultural politics of the late nineteenth century. As a feminist…

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Emmeline Pankhurst A biography

Emmeline Pankhurst was perhaps the most influential woman of the twentieth century. Today her name is synonymous with the ‘votes for women’ campaign and she…

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Rise Up, Women! The Militant Campaign of the Women’s Social and Political Union 1903-1914

The suffragette movement shattered the domestic tranquillity of Edwardian England. This book is an original and searching study of the formidable organization which led this…

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Women in Movement Feminism and Social Action

First published in 1992, this book is an historical introduction to a wide range of women’s movements from the late eighteenth-century to the date of…

Volume 2. Work and Education

In the United States of America, the first Woman’s Rights Convention, held at Seneca Falls in 1848, issued a challenge to patriarchal power. The women…

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Women in Public 1850-1900 Documents of the Victorian Women’s Movement

Assembling a full and comprehensive collection of material which illustrates all aspects of the emergent women’s movement during the years 1850-1900, this fascinating book will…

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Suffrage Days Stories from the women’s suffrage movement

This is a history of the suffrage movement in Britain from the beginnings of the first sustained campaign in the 1860s to the winning of…

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