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Men and the Women’s Movement

A number of men in nineteenth-century Britain and the United States were supportive of the women’s movement. The essay discusses men such as William Thompson,…

Notable Figures in Nineteenth-Century Feminism

This essay argues that feminist gains in the nineteenth century were frequently driven by the leadership of notable figures, men as well as women. Beginning…

Victorian Education and the Women’s Movement

The nineteenth century saw significant reforms to the education of middle-class girls and young women, including the introduction of day and boarding schools with an…

Before the Vote was Won Arguments For and Against Women's Suffrage 1864–1896

First published in 1987. This volume traces the arguments of early suffragists through the last three decades of the nineteenth century. Includes the texts of…

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Women in Movement Feminism and Social Action

First published in 1992, this book is an historical introduction to a wide range of women’s movements from the late eighteenth-century to the date of…

At the Boundaries of Law Feminism and Legal Theory

Feminists have recently begun to challenge the powerful influence of the law on the social and cultural construction of women’s roles, identities, and rights. At…

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John Stuart Mill — Thought and Influence The saint of rationalism

More than 200 years after his birth, and 150 years after the publication of his most famous essay On Liberty, John Stuart Mill remains one…

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Women and Sexuality in the Novels of Thomas Hardy

Rosemary Morgan provides challenging reading arguing that, contrary to the accepted critical view, Hardy's heroines do seek control over their conduct and their destinies and…

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Votes for Women

The women’s suffrage movement is central to any study of gender and political history. Votes for Women provides an innovative and unrivalled re-examination of the…

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Suffrage Days Stories from the women’s suffrage movement

This is a history of the suffrage movement in Britain from the beginnings of the first sustained campaign in the 1860s to the winning of…

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