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Cover of Girl's School Stories, 1749-1929

Girl's School Stories, 1749-1929

Edited by Kristine Moruzi; Michelle J. Smith

  • Published: 9 Oct 2013
  • DOI: 10.4324/9780415830409
  • Set ISBN: 978-0-41583-040-9

Set Contents

Moral Education

Volume Contents

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    Front Matter
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    The Governess; or, The Little Female Academy, London: A.P. Miller, 1768, pp. 1–23 By Sarah Fielding
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    Anecdotes of a Boarding-School; or, An Antidote to the Vices of Those Useful Seminaries, vols I and II, London: John Marshall and Co., 1790 By Dorothy Kilner
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    “Chapter V,” “Chapter VI,” “Chapter VII,” “Chapter VIII,” Grace Hamilton’s Schooldays, Bath: Binns and Goodwin, 1856, pp. 53–105 By Emma Worboise
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    “Mademoiselle Brings Hot Coffee,” That Aggravating School-Girl, London: James Nisbet and Co, 1885, pp. 224–32 By Grace Srebbing
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    “Where is Hester?” and “Mrs Conway,” A Nest of Girls, or Boarding-School Days, New York: E. P. Dutton, 1901, pp. 242–77 By Elizabeth Westyn Timlow
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    “Putting It Through,” Judy of York Hill, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1922, pp. 65–86 By Ethel Hume Bennett