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Cover of Women, Beauty and Fashion

Women, Beauty and Fashion

  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • DOI: 10.4324/9780415680400
  • Set ISBN: 9780415680400

Co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse, the History of Feminism series makes key archival source material readily available to scholars, researchers, and students of women’s and gender studies, women’s history, and women’s writing, as well as those working in allied and related fields. Selected and introduced by expert editors, the gathered materials are reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. This new title in the series brings together in six volumes a unique range of Victorian and Edwardian texts on Women, Beauty, and Fashion.

The learned editor has organized the set around three principal thematic categories (‘Personal Beauty and Care’, ‘Beauty, Fashion, and Health’, and ‘Beauty Education and Self-Management’) which move chronologically from the late 1830s to the 1910s. The materials gathered here are representative of the body of texts written on beauty and fashion with reference to women’s (self-) perception and (self-) definition. Combining the issues of fashion with those of economy, education, and physical culture, the collection offers a range of diverging views. The diversity of the gathered materials is mirrored in their generic range and in the varied professional background of their authors. The collection includes, but is not limited to, religious treatises and dress reformers’ pamphlets, personal-care manuals by society ladies, advice books by (alleged) specialists, and manufacturers’ attempts at self-advertising.

Making readily available materials which are currently very difficult for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe to locate and use, Women, Beauty, and Fashion is a veritable treasure-trove. The gathered works are reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. Each volume is also supplemented by substantial introductions, newly written by the editor, which contextualize the material. And with a detailed appendix providing data on the provenance of the gathered works, the collection is destined to be welcomed as a vital reference and research resource.

Set Contents

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The Book of Health and Beauty, or the Toilette of Rank and Fashion, London: Joseph Thomas, 1837, pp. 1–150, Hints on Dress and on the Arrangement of the Hair: A Practical Essay, Suited to Either Sex, London: Ross and Company, 1861, pp. 1–16, The Black Wizard: A Wonderful Toilet Tale. London, 1874, pp. 1–13, How to Cultivate Beauty, Chicago, IL.: Early & Halla Print. Co., 1893, pp. 1–34, The True Standard of Beauty, The Value of Beauty, Scientific Cultivation of Beauty, The Chief Element of Facial Beauty, Cause and Cure of Skin Blemishes, Blackheads; How to be Rid of Them, Wrinkles; Their Cause and Cure, Liver-Marks, Moth And Freckles, Honored By Mme. Adelina Patti, Brilliant Success of A Vassar Girl, Testimonials, Imperial Japanese Preparations, The Art of “Making Up”, Seventh Edition, by the Hess Company, Rochester, N.Y.: The Company, 1921, pp. 1–53, The Art of Beauty, or Lady’s Companion to the Boudoir, London: Weldon & Co., 1876, pp. 1–56

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The Art of Beauty, Physical Beauty: Physical Beauty, The Art of Dress, Exercise, Toilet Hygienics: The Cure of Stoutness, The Cure of Leanness, Baths, The Figure, Bad Complexions, and How to Cure Them, The Complexion, The Hair in Health, The Hair in Ill-Health, Hair Dyes and Bleaching Fluids, The Art of “Making Up”, The Arms, Hands, and Nails, The Teeth and Feet, Moles, Warts, and Superfluous Hair, The Eyes, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and Nose, Underclothing and Health, About Perfumes, The Beauty and Health of Children, Beauty Adorned, A Few Introductory Remarks, The Crowning Glory, How Shall I Do My Hair?, The Complexion, Defeating Nature's Kindness, Care of the Complexion, Beauty—Blonde and Brune, Simplicity a Charm, What are Her Eyes Like?, ‘What Lovely Eyes!’, Eyebrows and Eyelashes, About Noses, The Teeth, The Chin, the Lips, and What They Say, The Middle-Aged Woman, The Figure, Beauty in Middle Age, The Poet's Ideal Beauty, Footgear, Dress in Hot Weather, Beauty by the Sea—the Summer Girl, What Care Can Do, Perfumes and Other Things, In Praise of Freshness, On Looking-Glasses—Their Use and Abuse

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The Art of Being Beautiful, The Secret of Beauty, On Proportion, Self-Criticism, Individuality, The Picturesque, Artificiality, Of Cosmetics, On Colour, Expression, Manly Beauty, Muscle and Vitality, Dignity and Grace, The Mode, Ageing Gracefully, Every Woman's Toilet Book, The Perfect Woman, Are Artificial Aids to Beauty Justifiable?, How to Cultivate a Good Figure, Facial Beauty and the Care of the Complexion, Manicure, or the Cult of the Hand Beautiful, The Care of the Feet, The Care of the Eyes, The Nose and How to Improve it, The Care of the Teeth, The Care of the Hair, Toilet Hints for Summer and Winter

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Beauty vs. Fashion: The Christian Lady's Toilette; or, the Principles which Should Regulate Her Dress, Suggested, The Lamp of Beauty, Hints on Dress and Beauty, The Queen of Beauty for The Throne of Fashion, Dress, Pride and Beauty, Corsetry: The Influence of Stays, The Corset Defended, The Use and Action of Stays and Corsets, on Disease & Development of the Female Figure, The Dress of the Period in its Relations to Health, Figure Training

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Dress Reform: Dress, Health & Beauty, Necessity for Reform, Structure of the Body, The Tyranny of Dress, The Structure of the Body, Health versus Custom, Solution of the Problem, Why We are Not Strong, Rational Dress; or. the Dress of Women and Savages, The Clothes Question Considered, Of the Importance of This Question—Especially as to the Clothing of Women, Of the Hair—Hair Washes, Restorers, Dyes, and Hair and Brain Poisons, Of the Warmth, and Weight, and Encumbrance of Clothing, The Difficulty of Dress Reform, How Fashion Cramps Activity and Industry, The Heroism, Sufferings, Rights and Wrongs of Women, The Relations of Dress and Education, On the Relations of Dress to Modesty and Health, with Illustrative Cases, The Dress of the Feet and Hands, Baby Clothes, Bed Clothes, Ligatures, Etc, Æsthetics of Dress, Dress, and How to Improve It, Conviction and Conversion, A Woman's Club for Physical Culture and Correct Dress, Advantages of Reform Undergarments, Development of Body, Dress Reform Garments, Patterns

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Beauty and (Physical) Education: Excerpts from Women in the Reign of Queen Victoria, London: Dean & Son, 1876, pp. 48–98, Causes of Female Debility, Bodily Culture, Excerpts from The Girl’s Own Book of Health and Beauty, (London: Jarrold & Sons, 1892, pp. 58–96, 108–115, 168–182, Preface, Exercise—Clothing—Hobbies, Athletics for Girls, Healthful Recreations, Cycling as a Cure for Chronic Ailments, What Cycling Can Cure, Gloxinia Schizandria Aramantha C, The Health Value of Certain Pastimes, How Fanny Ffisher Lost Her Figure, and Found It Again, Excerpts from Every Girl’s Book of Sport, Occupation and Pastime, Routledge & Sons: London, 1897 [1896], pp. 178–276, Riding, Driving, Cycling, Rowing, Swimming, Skating, Gardening, Dairy Farming, Golf, Lawn Tennis, Cozari, Croquet, Cricket, Badminton, Games of Ball, Egyptian and Indian Games, Archery, Self-Management, Economy and the Woman Consumer: The Lady’s Shopping Manual and Mercury Album, T. Hurst: London: 1834, pp. 1–98, How to Dress Well on a Shilling a Day, London: Ward, Lock, & Tyler, 1876, pp. 1–126, Economy in Dress, Dressmaking at Home.–Introductory Remarks, Lessons in Dressmaking, Lesson 2. Cutting out and Making a Basque Bodice and a Jacket, Lesson 3. Cutting out and Making a Skirt, Lesson 4. Trimmings, Lesson 5. Turning and Altering, On Dyeing and Cleaning, On the Etiquette of Mourning, Furs, Taste in Jewellery, What to Wear and When to Wear It, On Trousseaux, On Washing and Getting up Laces and Fine Things, On Shopping, Children's Clothing

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