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Beauty, Fashion and Health

Volume Contents

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    Front Matter
  • Beauty vs. Fashion
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      The Christian Lady's Toilette; or, the Principles which Should Regulate Her Dress, Suggested: An Essay Read to a Society of Young Ladies, Meeting for Mutual ImprovEment by One of the Members.
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      The Lamp of Beauty: A Sermon Preached by the Rev. W. Forster, in the Free Christian Church, Clarence Road, Kentish Town. On October 12th, 1856. To Young Women.
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      Hints on Dress and Beauty By E. Oakes Smith
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      The Queen of Beauty for The Throne of Fashion
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      Dress, Pride and Beauty: A Plea for Plainness and Naturalness. By Reuben Stillwell
  • Corsetry
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      The Influence of Stays By Rebecca Mills
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      The Corset Defended By Mademe De la Santé
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      The Use and Action of Stays and Corsets, on Disease & Development of the Female Figure By W. Hempson Denham
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      The Dress of the Period in its Relations to Health: A Lecture By Frederick Treves
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      Figure Training By M. E. D.