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Principles of Political Economy Part II

Malthus published his Principles of political economy in 1820; and in 1836, after his death, Pickering published a second edition, which incorporated many changes to the text, both major and minor. Through the 1820s, Malthus had tinkered with his text, the alterations being often of minor wording, sometimes of considerable substance, which his anonymous posthumous editor (usually identified as his younger friend John Cazenove) incorporated. It is the text of 1836 which is set here, with the substantial volume of variations between that and the 1820 version set as footnotes or, in the case of longer sections, in sequence at the end of volume 6. (Some editorial interventions were made by Cazenove, amplifying or occasionally qualifying Malthus’s text. These are set as ordinary textual footnotes, followed by – Ed., 1836.) The concordance of chapter and section titles which follows demonstrates the degree of reordering and renaming of parts which helped transform the first version of the Principles into the second.

Volume Contents

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    Front Matter
  • Principles of political economy, 1836, continued: With variant readings from the first edition, 1820 By Thomas Robert Malthus
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      On the progress of wealth ,
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